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What is an aptitude assessment? Aptitude is competence to do a certain kind of work at a certain level. An outstanding aptitude can be considered "talent".SMART Aptitude test series is an online adaptive test for candidate’s assessment. It can be used for all industry sectors and across all job functions – right from apprentice to executive level.

The test series comes with three suits:

  1. Numerical reasoning - It assesses individual’s ability to grasp numerical information. This is important for job roles, which need to deal with huge amount of data and its interpretation.
  2. Verbal reasoning – Measures candidate’s ability to understand and interpret written information. This is important for people who need to communicate written information efficiently and also arrive at logical conclusions.
  3. Abstract reasoning – This test measures how a candidate identify patterns and apply logical thinking. This ability is useful in roles involving problem solving and analytical skills.

SMART aptitude test questions are dynamically adapted according to the responses given by a candidate. Hence, the test results produced are accurate measuring individual’s actual ability in different areas.

The assessment reports consist of candidate’s score, time taken for complete the test, percentile score, ranking in norm group and recommendations to develop reasoning.

Benefits of SMART Aptitude Series:

  1. Produces fair results - These aptitude assessment tests uniquely monitor bias ensuring the tests are fair to all candidates, automatically replacing questions that are proven to be unfair.
  2. Positive candidate experience - Using Computer Adaptive Testing, the questions are dynamically adapted to the candidate’s level of ability thereby providing a motivating challenge and a positive feeling about your company brand.
  3. Easy to use - Cutting edge adaptive testing technology means that one test can be used for all sectors and job levels, including apprentice, graduate, managerial and executive, providing a more accurate assessment of ability in less time.
  4. Minimises the risk of cheating - Large and constantly growing bank of questions minimises their exposure, and our already large database of respondents means that customised norms can be provided to suit your needs.
  5. Enables better decisions – The higher levels of accuracy and reliability of The Smart Aptitude Series ensures that decisions can be made on objective and valid information.

The SMART Aptitude Series is one of the top talent management softwares that will assist you in selecting right people as well as improving employee performance.To know more,book a consultation with our expert.

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