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How do your employees react to the unexpected business challenges?

Do they have ability to learn from their mistakes and bounce back after they fail?

The Resilience Questionnaire measures the strengths that are connected to how resilient we are as individuals. These are the factors that help us to recover quickly from challenges and setbacks. It is built on an approach that emphasizes the strengths that we all possess. The resulting profile is holistic picture of the positive traits and also limitations where an individual may need additional support.

HR professionals and recruitment officers value resilience as an integral part of candidate assessment and talent management. Most of the job roles entail a degree of pressure at certain times. Resilience can help you adapt and deal with these situations in a positive way. RQ is designed for entry-level, graduate, professional, and management positions.

Resilience Assessment Questionnaire report contains 5 sections:

  1. The eight components of resilience - Self-belief, optimism, purposeful direction, adaptability, ingenuity, challenge orientation, emotion regulation, support seeking
  2. Resilience strengths – in relation to adversity, setbacks, challenge and change.
  3. Resilience profile – Information about candidate’s profile in relation to 8 components.
  4. Interpretation of scores – Description of scores on each scale
  5. Developing your resilience – further information on how each of these components can be developed.

Resilience assessment can provide guidance to hiring managers. The information gathered from this questionnaire can be used to support selection decisions. The Resilience Questionnaire is used in conjunction with other selection tools. It should be used as part of a broader evaluation of a person’s suitability and potential for the job.

Benefits of Resilience Questionnaire – They can be integrated into a range of talent management activities including:

  1. Coaching
  2. Self-development workshops
  3. Blended learning
  4. Team development
  5. Development centres
  6. Development of high potentials
  7. Redeployment, restructure and downsizing
  8. Graduate development and on-boarding
  9. Organisational change
  10. Management and leadership development

The Resilience Questionnaire is one of the top talent management softwares that will assist you in selecting right people as well as improving employee performance. To know more details book a consultation with our expert.

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