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Are you adequately staffed to execute your strategy?

Do you have a talent pipeline for achieving organisational goals?

Which of your employees are high potential?

Hiring the right employees is essential - yet it can be difficult to reveal the hidden traits of winning candidates. That is where SIFT (Screening Individual for Fit and Talent) can help. SIFT is easy to use and customize. Organizations can predict how potential candidate is likely to perform through personality tests of SIFT. SIFT assesses core competencies, values, measures of judgement, preferences and cognitive ability using a Realistic Job Preview, Eligibility Screen, Behavioural Styles Questionnaire and Situational Judgement Test. Each assessment stage is tailored to your organisation and specific role requirements to maximise the prediction of candidate potential, enhance the candidate experience and differentiate your employer value proposition.

Stages in SIFT screening:

  1. Realistic job preview – Information about demands/challenges of a job role.
  2. Eligibility screening – questions to assess whether candidate has minimum requirements as per job profile.
  3. Behaviour screening – Candidate’s assessment regarding behaviour and values.
  4. Situational judgement test – Testing candidate by presenting typical work-related scenarios.

Why adopt SIFT?

  1. Cost saving in recruitment process
  2. Time to hire a candidate is reduced
  3. Reduction in dropout rates
  4. Better selection decisions
  5. Candidates assessment as per organization’s specific criteria

Benefits of SIFT:

  1. Predict candidates’ potential to perform in role
  2. Sift high volumes, allowing you to capture more of the talent pool
  3. Reduce cost through automation and an overall reduction in resources
  4. Give candidates a realistic job preview early in the process
  5. Provide instant eligibility feedback to candidates
  6. Brand the assessment platform with your own corporate logo and colours
  7. Allow candidates to apply 24/7 from anywhere with a computer with internet access
  8. Set up campaigns and populate with candidates within minutes
  9. Access administration online and download automated reports

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