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Looking to hire and keep a superstar sales team that grows your business?

Are poor performers missing your sales target?

Bad sales hiring process? What exactly went wrong? In today’s competitive market, “bad-hiring” has become an outbreak, forcing sales directors and leaders to rethink and evaluate their hiring process.

Traditional “benchmarking” strategy for hiring sales professionals doesn’t work because:

  1. Sample size is generally too small
  2. Benchmarking does not count personality differences while comparing
  3. No statistical validation

To change, keep the informal, gut-instinct approach aside and build a high-performance sales team by implementing a talent selection solution - SalesMax.

SalesMax is an online sales assessment tool designed to assist in selecting, on boarding and developing individuals for professional sales positions.

SalesMax is…

  1. Validated, Predictive of sales success potential
  2. Designed to complement the selection process
  3. Helpful by providing suggested interview questions
  4. Beneficial by highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  5. Easy to customize and validate for your organization
  6. Internet Ready, reports are produced immediately on-site

SalesMax can be used for professional, service-oriented salespeople such as agents, outside salespeople, consultants, etc. SalesMax helps you to do both - select the best possible salespeople and continuously improve the sales skills of your existing team.

SalesMax survey answers reveal candidates’ sales knowledge, sales personality and sales motivations.

  1. Sales knowledge – Knowledge about how deal with different selling situations, strategies to be implemented in various stages of sale etc. It includes identifying new prospects, understanding customer’s needs, problem and closing sale.
  2. Sales personality – The test scores will reveal whether the candidate has desirable personality characteristics. These characteristics are generally stable. They will predict sales performance.
  3. Sales motivation – This section helps to decide whether candidate’s motivational needs are good fit for the job. The questions under this section reveal which type of rewards can motivate the candidate, which are the most important things to him/her and whether you can reward this candidate with those things. Some of the motivational factors are – money, recognition, security etc.

SalesMax sales assessment test measures personality characteristics such as:

  1. Energetic
  2. Follows Through
  3. Optimistic
  4. Resilient
  5. Assertive
  6. Social
  7. Expressive
  8. Serious-Minded
  9. Self-Reliant
  10. Accommodating
  11. Positive About People

Benefits of SalesMax:

SalesMax for Salespeople helps identify salespeople who:

  1. Have the potential to perform in the top fifty percent of a sales team
  2. Have personality characteristics which impact sales success
  3. Understand effective strategies in relationship selling
  4. Are motivated more closely by a company’s compensation or commission plan

Identify superior sales performers for:

  1. Business to Business Sales
  2. Vertical Markets
  3. Niche Markets
  4. Tangible Products
  5. Intangible Products
  6. Service Sales

Available Languages include: English – USA, International English, English – UK, English – Australia, English – New Zealand, Dutch – Nederlands, Magyar – Hungarian Spanish / Español – Latin America, Spanish / Español – Spain / España, Português – Brasil, Português – Portugal, and Korean.

SalesMax is easy to both administer and use, and can be accessed by candidates world-wide. Employers are able to access the database and quickly view and print reports for potential salespeople and action plans for current sales teams.

To learn more about how we can help you with talent selection and acquisition with SalesMax, talk to our experts and book a consultation today.

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