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Do you feel you take hiring decisions based on intuition?

Would you like to bring more objectivity in hiring decisions?

Would you like to anticipate through assessment how a candidate will behave in a particular role?

CBI-Smart is competency based interview solution that provides organizations with interviewing materials. It is a multilingual interviewing platform. CBI-Smart is a simple way to build effective interviews to assess people fairly and consistently. It assesses an individual against a range of behaviours and competencies to select the best person for the job.

CBI-Smart helps organizations to:

  1. Standardise selection process through consistent materials.
  2. Carry out structured interviews, which enables better selection and hiring process
  3. Reduce time spent in preparing interview questions.
  4. Maintain interview documentation

CBI-Smart is effective in predicting employee performance. Organizations can also customize CBI-Smart by adding their own competencies required for specific job. CBI-Smart is designed to make talent acquisition better and easier and guidance is offered for different levels such as foundation, graduate, line management, senior management. It includes questions to assess following popular competencies:

  1. Individual – Stress tolerance, flexibility, independence, openness to change, integrity, tenacity, attention to detail
  2. Decision making – Judgement, problem analysis, decisiveness, creativity, numerical analysis, commercial awareness, strategic perspective
  3. Managerial – Planning and organising, management control, delegation, leadership, people development, organisational sensitivity
  4. Motivational – Initiative, resilience, drive, quality standards, commitment, work motivation, customer service
  5. Interpersonal – Listening, persuasive oral, communication, written communication, interpersonal sensitivity, diversity awareness, impact, networking, teamwork

Benefits of CBI-Smart:

  1. Over 1000 interview questions to choose from
  2. Apprenticeship to senior executive level interviews
  3. Assessment of 35 competencies
  4. Questions to assess candidate’s competencies such as decision making, managerial, motivational, interpersonal etc.
  5. No need for special training or experience to use this interview tool
  6. Creates interview guides in minutes
  7. Interview Guides contain complete marking guidelines
  8. Archive your interviews for reference and re-use
  9. Employer branding options
  10. Multilingual capability
  11. Ability to import your own competency framework
  12. Mobile and tablet responsive

Whether you’re conducting a new hire interview or assessment to increase employee productivity, CBI-Smart offers reliable and objective evidence with which you can make a confident selection decision.

CBI Smart is one of the top talent management softwares that will assist you in selecting right people as well as improving employee performance.To know more, Request a demo.

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