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Do you know which employee deserves promotion?

Who should you hire for a specific job from a pool of candidates?

Do you know why a certain employee cannot close a sale?

BestWork Data is an online questionnaire, which measures traits and abilities that describe how a person thinks, learns and behaves. Employers or managers can align and manage teams using BWD solution. With the help of this tool, right people can be placed in the right roles leading to better results and higher profits.

The resulting data from the BWD assessment questions can describe every aspect of an employee’s workplace performance, from why he cannot win a new contract to how best to train him. Reports are linked to actual workplace performance so that anyone in an organization can use and understand them without the need for an outside consultant. 

Benefits of BWD:

  1. Save time - Screening out bad hires before interviewing and identifying the right talent is faster. 
  2. Ease of use - Reports describe specific job behaviours with text that is easily understood without special training or experts.
  3. Clarity of decision – Data presents people issues with a clarity that drives practical and straightforward decisions. 
  4. Quality of data – BWD’s psychometric instruments offer the highest levels of accuracy and reliability in identifying how a candidate thinks, learns and behaves. 
  5. Presents life cycle of an employee - BWD provides a series of reports from selection to on boarding and training, including succession planning, mentoring, management and more. 
  6. Minimise the risk of bad hire – BWD helps you capture the right talent and strengthen your organization.

BestWork Data assessment has been described as a disruptive innovation in the industry because it enables true human capital management, offering its users sustainable competitive advantages in their markets.

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