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How Do Successful Firms Find the Right People?

Looking For Hiring Formula That Will Help You Find The Right People?

Does your company have the right people, in the right positions?

Are You Selecting The Right Leaders?

Leadership roles are critical to delivering strategy. Having the wrong executive in the wrong leadership role can be painful - for the business and it can cost an organization millions of dollars. Companies can’t afford to waste their money and resources. To improve internal alignment, therefore is important.

Assess selection is an online psychometric assessment which identifies the personality traits of an individual which help him/her to be successful in a given role. The assessment questionnaire is linked to the competencies and individual’s results. Organizations can hire candidates based on Assess Selection reports, which give complete picture of candidates’ competencies, increasing the probability of hiring candidates that will succeed which will result in lower hiring costs, higher retention and better employee productivity.

Assess Selection report contains:

  1. Competency overview – Includes natural ability, personality, knowledge, experience, skills, characteristics which can be developed etc.
  2. Personality summary - This shows the match between the candidate’s personality results and the Competency Model. A strong match indicates a personality profile that tends to support the demonstration of the competencies, while a low match indicates a profile that may hinder the demonstration of the competencies.
  3. Personality detail – It shows candidate’s scores for different personality traits such as assertiveness, self-reliance, work pace, frustration tolerance etc.
  4. Interview guide - Generic questions are provided as well as special probes that are linked to the candidate’s results. Whenever a personality traits fall outside of the “help” zone, a special interview probe will be included in the report.
  5. Management suggestions - This section summarizes some areas of concern and provides recommendations to help a leader effectively manage the individual if they he/she is hired.
  6. Graphic profile – This is a snapshot of Assessment Selection results. By reviewing the profile one can see where there are large differences in results.

Benefits of Assess Selection:

  1. An online assessment helps to identify hidden traits of winning candidates, and prioritize candidates who are the right matches for positions ranging individual contributor to executive.
  2. The assessment reports provide insightful layers of predictive and descriptive feedback.
  3. Assessment results are available to you and your hiring managers immediately upon completion by a candidate.
  4. Organizations can achieve a more successful match rate between the right candidates and the right jobs.
  5. Assessments have been validated across a variety of industries and they produce predictive results.

Assess Selection is one of the top talent management softwares that will assist you in selecting right people as well as improving employee performance.To know more, book a consultation with our expert.

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