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Do you have a tool to measure employees’ competencies and bridge the talent gap?

Can you assess employees in their real-time workplace behaviours?

Virtual Development Centre is a comprehensive tool that is used to map out employee potential. It consists of a range of tests and pre-defined situations. Those taking part in virtual assessments have to deal with individual tasks, dilemmas and group model situations. This results in an evaluation report with recommendations for professional development. VDC uncovers employees’ key competencies and measures the effectiveness of management training. Administration within an online system, meanwhile, makes sure that the employer can reduce its costs.

Key aspects of Virtual Development Centre:

  1. With enhancement in the effectiveness of tools like Skype, participant experiences of interactive exercises have improved significantly.
  2. In virtual DCs, participants are empowered to take control of the assessment process - when to complete an exercise, in which order to complete the exercises etc. It is critical that participants are required to complete each exercise in a time-bound manner. In-built timers in online exercises are also a great way to build intensity into the exercise.
  3. In virtual DCs, participants complete the process only over a number of days. It is therefore important to ensure that HR teams are aware of the progress of each participant through the process at any point of time. An online dashboard showing completion status of each participant is a good way to provide this information to the HR teams.
  4. In virtual DCs, assessors are often based in multiple locations. It is, therefore, critical that assessors are briefed properly about the process and the context and their inputs for each exercise for each participant are captured in a structured manner.

Benefits of Virtual Development Centre:

  1. Evaluate and assess employee competencies while they are actually performing the task, that they expected to be working on
  2. Align your employees to relevant business units
  3. Enable and provide engaging learning opportunities
  4. Track their learning journeys and on the job performance through manager, project client, team and peer feedbacks
  5. Provide continuous feedback and suggestions for improvements
  6. Plan for their retention and growth opportunities
  7. Participants enjoy completing a virtual development centre course because the modern, cutting-edge interface of the exercises closely resembles their actual work environment.

Virtual DCs are enabling organizations across industry sectors to scale up their talent management processes. They provide effective competency-based feedback. A well-designed virtual DC process allows participants to start new development journeys using relevant development inputs.

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