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Do you know if your employees have problem to work with a particular team member?

Are the employee’s work methods effective and efficient?

Does he appear to be self-motivated?

360-degree feedback will provide answers to these questions. It is a feedback process where not just your superior but your peers and direct reports and sometimes even customers evaluate you. You receive an analysis of how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. Online 360 Feedback solutions are pretty much standard in commercial learning and development circles and around 90% of Fortune 500 companies now routinely use them. It doesn’t matter how much size of the company is, it’s totally depend on company situation. This tool helps the company to measure performance, improve employee development, and build employee engagement.

The individual seeking feedback completes a self-perception questionnaire, and then asks around 6–10 others to give feedback using an identical questionnaire. The respondents are often arranged into groups; for example senior, peer, junior, and client. This gives the individual an all-round (hence 360 degree) view of his /her performance. The questions are related to leadership, communication, analytical skills etc.

360 Degree Feedback Benefits:

  1. Increases Self-awareness: One of the most important benefits to an employee receiving 360 degree feedback is increased self-awareness. Participants are given a complete report that includes their strengths and areas for improvement. This gives the employee insight into their behaviour and into how they are perceived by others in the organization. A deeper understanding is reached when candidates compare their self-assessment with those of the superiors.
  2. Balanced View: 360 feedback reviews are useful to the employee as they provide a well-rounded and balanced view of their skills and behaviours. In this model, feedback isn’t just given from the individual’s supervisor but from a variety of people in the organization. This provides a fair and more accurate picture of the employee’s demonstrated behaviour.
  3. Leverages Strengths: 360 reviews are key to identifying employee strengths. Unearthing strengths is important for acknowledgement and also for personal improvement. Identifying strength in a particular competency allows for the creation of a tailored development and training plan. An employee may exhibit strength in an area and when given additional development will excel. Developing strengths is important for an employee’s career growth and for the company’s effectiveness.
  4. Uncovers Blind spots: As 360 Degree feedback questionnaire is answered by multiple people, it allows the individual to uncover blind spots in their behaviour. This enables the employee to understand the behaviours that they are exhibiting, but never notice themselves. Uncovering blinds spots is important for continuous employee improvement. Highlighting blind spots allows an individual to focus on learning and development needs that are applicable to those overlooked behaviours.
  5. Development of Skills: The most important aspect of 360 reviews is that they give individuals a starting point for the development of new skills and behaviours. This includes building on current strengths and developing new skills. The 360 process gives individuals ownership over their own improvement through the creation of customized development plans. This encourages individual accountability and gives employees control over their career paths. Taking the central role in their own development also increases the engagement of employees in the feedback process.

The 360 Degree Feedback report becomes critical evidence to support professional development planning. The personal feedback report is compared with the feedback given by other respondents. 360 Feedback doesn’t actually focus on performance, but rather on all aspects that can be attributed to an employee’s behaviour. In this way it can help the person improve interactions, communication, and in the end, job performance.

360 Feedback is highly effective tool that can be used more often and by more people to increase cooperation and collaboration in your team.To know more Contact us.

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