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Are your employees working in the jobs that are most conducive to them?

Are employees modifying their instinctive behaviours to work in the current situation?

Are these modifications causing them stress or anxiety?

Proception2 is an online system DISCovering styles of an individual. DISC behavioural assessment test is built around scientific basis. It is one of the most widely used behavioural assessment tools. DISC identifies subtle differences in people. Proception2 software interprets the interrelationships between four DISC factors, which are:

  1. Dominance – How individual responds to problems
  2. Influence – How an individual attempts to influence others
  3. Steadiness – How an individual responds to activities
  4. Compliance – How an individual responds to rules and regulations

Popular applications of DISC profile testing include self-improvement, team building, improving interpersonal skills, enhanced training for customer service and sales and leadership development. It assists team members in identifying their personal strengths and areas in need of development. The behaviour assessment questionnaire takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and generates a 12-15 page personalized report. The Business Motivators report is often used with Proception2. Each Proception2 DISC includes an in-depth description of each individual’s behavioural style, or how he or she approaches work and interacts with other people.

Five report versions are available – manager, individual, sales, business motivators and interview assistant.

Benefits Proception2 DISC reports:

  1. They are accurate, powerful and easy to use
  2. Immediate testing, evaluation and reporting
  3. Managers can actually visualise how their team members will work together and communicate
  4. Ability to generate multiple unique reports
  5. Use of business oriented databases
  6. Easy to administer and score
  7. Generates over 2,100 unique reports
  8. Inexpensive, automated assessment system
  9. Reports are validated

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