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Do you know your leadership style?

Do you want to expand your strengths as a leader?

LIVED Leadership Coaching is an innovative program which helps candidates to focus on:

  1. Analysing and redefining their goals
  2. Understanding how the methodologies and concepts covered in the program relate  to their routine leadership issues
  3. Being accountable and take appropriate actions

LIVED leadership development programme helps organizations develop their current and future leaders, equipping them with the skills to handle challenges in this ever changing world. The modules are designed to be highly interactive and engaging, enabling participants to learn from each other and share experiences, in addition to the ideas, concepts and examples provided by the facilitators.

LIVED Leadership Coaching program has two versions – standard group coaching and one-to-one coaching. The benefit of group coaching is that during the sessions, the candidates can learn from peers. They get insights from other group members and get a different perspective. In one-one-to coaching program, emphasis is on overall program development goals.

Benefits of LIVED Leadership Coaching:

  1. Coaching helps people order priorities. They gain clarity and confidence, because the coach helps them think matters through thoroughly. True to the old adage “A problem shared is a problem halved,” the coach can lighten the executive’s burden.
  2. The coaching process helps the executive identify the skill set he or she needs to move up to the next step on the career ladder, to acquire the resources and take the actions that are needed in order to get there and lead their businesses or departments to higher performance.
  3. The coach often can bring a wealth of experience gained from other similar situations, which the executive will value as enlightening and refreshing. A leader’s problems are not as unique as he or she may believe.
  4. Having a coach is like having your own personal navigator for your life’s journey. The coach helps you chart your course and reach your destination.

A proficient coach offers a powerful combination of advantages:

  1. Independence from other agendas
  2. Impartiality
  3. Objectivity
  4. Wide knowledge and experience
  5. Different view points
  6. Experience of weighing opportunities, risks and rewards 
  7. Questions that stimulate the collaborative thought process in a productive way

If you want your leaders to excel in their leadership roles, talk to our experts about LIVED Leadership Coaching.

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