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In today’s fast-growing economy, companies have many opportunities to expand and diversify at an accelerated rate. However, they face talent crunch. Sometimes their existing talent management systems are not successful in preparing them for the challenges ahead. Our talent management solutions drive the right candidates to the right roles in your organization.

Hiring a high-potential leader is the most difficult task, given the fact that a wrong leader can destroy the organization’s well-being. No matter how big or small the organization is, it needs to find the right fit according to its working culture. We counsel and provide high-end staffing solutions to our clients efficiently. This helps them in generating more revenues; add value and strength to company profile. The most common challenge for organizations in identifying high-potential talent is the focus on current performance metrics rather than future potential. You can leverage our predictive talent selection tools to identify right candidates within or outside the organization, who are most likely to be productive and able to drive your business forward. We also assist organizations in developing their talent by measuring their current performance, leadership potential and possible inadequacies. 

Benefits of our services:

  1. You get the best talent available, not just the best talent that responded to your opening.
  2. We do the research for you and find out who the “A” players are.
  3. We place candidates with a goal to reduce your employee turnover.
  4. We provide the right fit, not just the resumes.
  5. We keep in mind your organizational culture, key differentiators, reputation, and products and services and then match quality candidates.
  6. Using different talent assessment tools ensures the best results.

Our reputation is built on our commitment with our clients. We partner with some of the best industry leaders who have developed scientifically proven tools for screening and assessment of candidates.

We partner with the following:

  1. Assess Selection - Assess selection is an online psychometric assessment which identifies the personality traits of an individual to help him/her to be successful in a given role. It helps to identify hidden traits of winning candidates, and prioritize candidates who are the right matches for positions ranging individual contributor to executive.
  2. SalesMax It is an online sales assessment tool designed to assist in selecting, on boarding and developing individuals for professional sales positions. It helps to select the best possible salespeople and continuously improve the sales skills of your existing team.
  3. Proceptions 2 Interview Assistant It is an online behaviour assessment system designed to understand individual's tendencies in a work environment. It helps management better understand potential candidates and members of their work team.
  4. CBI Smart It is competency based interview solution that provides organizations with interviewing materials. It assesses an individual against a range of behaviours and competencies to select the best person for the job.
  5. Virtual AC - is a simulation exercise where participants are presented with a variety of information and business issues. It is used for behavioural assessment for talent acquisition and leadership development.
  6. SIFT - SIFT assesses core competencies, values, measures of judgement, preferences and cognitive ability using a Realistic Job Preview, Eligibility Screen, Behavioural Styles Questionnaire and Situational Judgement Test. The test results produced are accurate measuring individual’s actual ability in different areas.
  7. The SMART Aptitude Series It is an online adaptive test for candidate’s assessment.
  8. The Resilience Questionnaire It measures the strengths that are connected to how resilient we are as individuals. The resulting profile is holistic picture of the positive traits and also limitations where an individual may need additional support.
  9. BWD Reports It is an online questionnaire, which measures traits and abilities that describe how a person thinks, learns and behaves. Reports are linked to actual workplace performance so that anyone in an organization can use and understand them.

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