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ITAP specialises in the world of global, cross border consulting. Experts in the Hofstede Cultural Dimensions Theory, ITAP focus on “helping individuals, teams and organizations work across internal and national borders” Companies today deliver products and services to their customers using a multi-cultural workforce, and everyone need to be able to work productively with people different from themselves.  To be effective across borders, organizations and employees at all levels need to broaden their collective understanding of other cultures and the needs of people from these cultures. And ITAP’s tool (Culture in the Workplace) does just that, developed by seasoned professionals with diverse international experience and a deep understanding of culture. These tools help teams separated by geography work cohesively, communicate & influence better, and leverage diversity to help achieve their desired business goals. ITAP is one of only 2 companies worldwide endorsed by Dr. Hofstede and approved to represent his research on Cultural Dimensions.

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