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BestWork Data, an organization which believes “that the only thing that matters is whether or not the DATA solves a problem for clients or helps them to makes more effective business decisions.” BestWork Data is known for its disruptive innovation in the world of Assessments.  BestWork Data is replacing traditional assessments when trying to hire the best person for the job. The BestWork Data assessment is quick, easy and helps identify hard wired traits of an individual, not just those related to the capability of doing a job, but also helps gather predictive data on their learning agility as well. BestWork Data helps you minimize the risk of a bad hire, helps you capture the right talent and strengthen your organization. A tool that has been designed by Behavioural Scientists, helps you make hiring decisions through a binary (Yes – No) system, rather than a percentage break-up of behaviour & abilities. This is a tool that is specific and does not require expert interpretation and is dynamic to suit today’s business environment.

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